Firm Profile:

Our firm offers all legal services required by companies and individuals willing to make business in the Dominican Republic, form the formalization of a company in its initials operations; all types of transactions and the negotiation of private agreements and government contracts; patents, trademarks and copyright registration; to litigation in divers areas of the law, such as civil, tort, trusts, real estate, labor, taxes and criminal law. 

Traditionally our firm has had two types of clients: From one hand, big and medium corporations that the firm has been offering services almost exclusively in Labor and Employment Law, and on the other hand, small and mid side companies and individuals to whom the firm has been bringing the most commun and general legal services, from a divorce, termination of parental rights, purchase and sale of a single family home, to advising on multifamily housing developments, review of contracts and agreements associated with mergers and acquisitions, and divestitures, and advising business clients on corporate governance and operations issues.

Our firm is known for the its excellence in human resources legal consultancy, and for its high level service in labor litigation, collective bargaining, strikes and labor union conflicts. Founder partners has decide that the same quality of services must be extended and apply – and has been done successfully since January 2006 – to other areas of the law in which the firm is able to offer solutions to business for big and mid side corporate clients.

The expansion of our services to other fields of the law has had an evident successful since its implementation in January 2006, including the most varied industries of D.R. economy: textile and manufacturing industry, tourist industry, food and agriculture industry, etc.